Doby and The Line
14th Dec 2015, 3:43 PM
Doby and The Line
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14th Dec 2015, 3:43 PM

A Doby fact. Though it might be The Line's cartoon spreading propaganda...
Take your pick!

I guess this means Doby is secretly the strongest as he has ALL colors available :O

I am kind of proud of the rainbow effect :>

Featuring Doby, Smeck and The Healing Tree from Doby and Smeck by Rd Ashes!
Cosplaying as a character from Dyerin's Line.

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15th Dec 2015, 5:15 AM

Hahaha, maybe it's more like The Line's kids cartoon.

You're never too young to cheer for The Line!
Now get your parents to buy you a box of the new Crunchy Line Cereal!

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15th Dec 2015, 3:18 PM

Thanks. That pretty much confirms the brainwashing, Miss PR.

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